Organize, Store and Retrieve
in the cloud

Cannabis Digital
Asset Management

dammabis® makes it easy to ingest, find, share and deploy creative assets so
you can spend more time leveraging them… and less time trying to find them.


Our highly scalable SaaS subscriptions are accessible from any web browser.


No installations required and access is secure via preassigned user name and
password credentials.


Rest assured that all your digital files and media are immediately protected
with dammabis. Multiple redundancy and disaster recovery strategies ensure
no risk of loss due to error or a natural disaster – everything stays available to
you and your teams and at all times.

The dammabis Solution

Our Mission

To accelerate creative operations for the growing cannabis industry.


Eliminate endless requests for logos, images, videos or marketing materials. All users receive pre-assigned access to approved assets and the ability to select a file type and resolution upon download, freeing up creative team’s time.

Cost savings

By centralizing photos, visuals and other marketing material acquired or created by different teams, all departments and teams can eliminate duplicate purchases and extend the impact of content and visuals investment.


Enable digital teams to scale creative and web updates through Adobe Creative Suite, creating faster creative workflows and simplifying web and print development.

Stop losing time, security, efficiency and assets.

Misuse of files can lead to unnecessary and expensive lawsuits

"5 people taking 1 hour each week searching and tracking down files,
equates to over 1.5 months of wasted time each year!"

solutions for all

Empower your team and partners to find the content they need faster and easier than ever before.


Over 95% of marketers share assets without considering security measures. You manage a global marketing operation that brings your brand story to diverse places and cultures. Liberate your content, hit deadlines, and secure assets with the Collective.

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